Funding and News

Current Funding Agencies

NIH/NEI, Glaucoma Research Foundation, Knight Templar Eye Foundation, 4-VA Collaborative Research Award, Vision for Tomorrow.


August 2023, Xiaorong started to take her sabbatical in London UCL.

June 2023, James successfully defended his PhD! He will be an assistant teaching professor in Neuroscience at the University of West Virginia.

April 2023, Marta received the Career Starter grant award from the Knights Templar Eye Foundation.

March 2023, Xiaorong received the 4-VA at UVA Collaborative Research Grant. She will collaborate with Dr. Arina Korneva in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics at the Virginia Tech on a proposed project investigating axonal transport defects in glaucoma. 

March 2023, James received the Knights Templar Eye Foundation Travel Grant for the ARVO meeting at New Orleans!

March 2023, Charlotte and Jason received the Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards!

Feb 2023, Xiaorong received the Shaffer Award from the Glaucoma Research Foundation.

Jan 2023, Wenjin and Shichu joined the Liu lab. Welcome!

Dec 2022, Jingyi started her new job as a research scientist at Biocytogen Beijing.  

Sept 2022, Wenjin Xu received the Research and Development Fellowship from GSAS, UVA.

Summer 2022, Jingyi defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations.

Undergraduate students
Jessica Yang (Class 2009), Northwestern.; Austin Yu (Class 2018), Northwestern.
Grace Gronvold (Class 2019), Sydney Shohan (Class 2019), UVa.
Isabel Ho (Class 2019), Distinguished Majors Program (DMP) thesis reader, UVa.
Trevor Atkerson (Class 2020), UVa; 2019 NIH summer internship program.
Joanna Moy (Class 2021), UVa, USOAR program; 2019 Schwager Summer Scholarship Award.
Carlos Rodriguez (Class 2022), UVa, USOAR program; 2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Neuroscience (SURF-N) by Virginia Tech School of Neuroscience; 2021 Harrison Research Award, UVa.
Faiz Khan (Class 2022), UVa.
Zuhaad Hameed (Class 2022), Schwager Summer Scholarship Award, 2021.
Ashley Ban (Class 2023), UVa. Summer Research Internship Program, 2022.
Noelle Nilak (Class 2023), UVa. Harrison Research Award, 2022.
Charles Smith (Class 2023), UVa.
Jason Borst (Class 2024), UVa. West Virginia Summer Vision Research Fellowship, 2022. Harrison 2023.
Charlotte Zhang (Class 2025), UVa. Harrison 2023.
Shriya Varada (Class 2025), UVa.
Virginia Lee (Class 2026), UVa.
Samrath Sandhu (Class 2026), UVa.