Virginia Cognitive Aging Project

One of the largest longitudinal studies in the world focusing on age differences in cognitive functioning

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The Virginia Cognitive Aging Project was designed by Dr. Timothy Salthouse and funded continuously between 2003 and 2023 by the National Institutes of Health, Institute of Aging. The longitudinal study included information gathered from over 6,000 individuals, aged 19 to 99, each assessed multiple times. The core of the database is its extensive cognitive abilities data, comprising results from 16 distinct tests. Select populations were also tested at MRI and for clinical measures. VCAP datasets also include a wealth of non-cognitive measures, providing a holistic view of the aging process. Until his retirement in 2019 Dr. Salthouse published over 100 peer-reviewed articles using VCAP database. 

Datasets Now Available

Researchers and scholars can now access VCAp datasets at UVA DataVerse (the link will later be included here). A detailed codebook, offering thorough explanations of variable codes and essential instructions, is also provided under that platform.

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