Our central focus is on the intersection of oceanography, climate and biogeochemistry, addressing questions from local to global-scales. Much of our work revolves around how coastal and ocean carbon cycles and ecology respond to natural and human-driven perturbations. Some projects extending to watersheds, the atmosphere, and terrestrial biosphere.

Specific scientific topics currently under investigation include:

  • Marine microbes & biogeochemistry
  • Polar marine ecosystem dynamics
  • Satellite ocean color & plankton
  • Ocean & global carbon cycle
  • Ocean acidification & climate change
  • Coastal ocean water quality & biogeochemistry
  • Ocean tracers & circulation
  • Marine fisheries & ecology
  • Carbon removal technologies

Most of our present work involves the use of computational methods-numerical models, satellite remote sensing, and data science-thus “computational biogeochemistry”, but we also have some laboratory, field and sea-going efforts.