Recent Publications

Animating the Antique: Sculptural Encounter in the Age of Aesthetic Theory (Penn State University Press, 2021). link

"Patch, Walpole, and Queer Complicity," Art History, 43:5 (November 2020): 1038–1064. link

"Canova, 1816: Marble, Plaster, Surface" Sculpture Journal 29:1 (Winter 2020): 315-330. Special Issue on Plaster, edited by Eckart Marchand (Warburg Institute, London). link

Current Projects

Gray Zones: Art-Making and Meaning Between Painting and Sculpture (book project in preparation)

"The 'Long' Eighteenth Century?" Co-Editor, with Prof. Dipti Khera (NYU/Institute of Fine Arts), Special Issue of Journal18 (Fall 2021) 






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