Exterior Nau Hall

September 27th and 28th, 2019                                                                                            #RaceMedia2019

This conference on race and media is an interdisciplinary conference focusing on research at the intersections of critical race theories and media studies. By bringing together emerging and established scholars, this conference is an opportunity to share research in a space especially created for working through difficult questions on race.

The keynote speaker for this conference is Roopali Mukherjee of Queen’s College, CUNY. 

The mission of the conference is four-fold:

  1. To recognize that racial difference, racialized identities, and racism play a critical role in media production, distribution, and consumption.

  2. To highlight the prevailing rhetoric of post-racism, which combined with an increasing threat to ethnic studies and other academic programs that focus on identity, have weakened our ability to call attention to race.

  3. To reinvigorate conversations about the complex relationship between race and media, and the necessary role of praxis, or theory-in-action, of race and media scholarship.

  4. To foster an academic community of members who engage, develop, mentor, and support fellow scholars of race and media across and within rank.


Special Thanks to our Sponsors: 
Diversity & Inclusion Fund
Arts & Sciences Associate Deans Alison Levine & Christian McMillen
American Studies Program
Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures
Carter G. Woodson Institute for African-American & African Studies