Acknowledging the importance of primary and secondary education, I have been very consciously trying to engage a broad public--particularly, middle school and high school students--in Haitian history. Some of the lessons I have developed for use in the classroom can be found below. As I tell my own students, every month is black history month.

OER Project: Haitian Revolution (Video and questions)

Teaching Hayti: The Wakanda of the Western Hemisphere” (Essay and assignments)

"Teaching Perspective: The Relation between the Haitian and French Revolutions," (Essay on pedagogy)

The Haitian Atlantic: A Literary Geography (Story Map)

Ted-Ed: Henry Christophe (Video)

Ted-Ed: Haiti and the Indemnity (assignment)

“Independence or Death: The Haitian Revolution (1791).” The Black History Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained. London: Penguin Random House. 182-89. (Textbook contribution)