“Enduring Questions, New Methods: Haitian Studies in the 21st Century,” (with Kaiama Glover and Christina Mobley), a conference held at the University of Virginia,  April 12-13, 2018.

In the spirit of Papa Legba (a Haitian lwa who acts as a crossroads between the human and non-human worlds), "Enduring Questions, New Methods" is dedicated to facilitating conversation as a crossroads – a dynamic space within which to explore Haitian history, art, politics, and culture in ways that contest narratives of fear, repression, failure, and dependency. This conference convenes national and international cultural actors from a variety of different disciplines in an effort to deepen our collective understanding of the prominent role Haiti and Haitians have had in making and critiquing the modern world-system.

“La Traversée/The Crossing: Haiti and  the United States, 1915-1986,”  (with Terri Geis and April Mayes), a conference held at Claremont Graduate University/Pomona College, Spring 2016.

Pomona College Museum of Art and Claremont Graduate University present “The Crossing: La traversée: Art in Haiti and the U.S.,” a symposium convening national and international scholars and artists to examine the deep connections between the art and material culture of Haiti and the United States.

“Transnationalism, Translation, Transnation: A Dialogue on the Americas,"  (with Prof. Cyraina Johnson-Roullier), a conference at the University of Notre Dame, April 15-17, 2007.

“Fall: Focus on Haiti,” (with Sarah Peterek),a colloquium at the University of Notre Dame, November 2, 2006.

La TraverseeEnduring Questions