Doctoral Students

John Frank Moseley, 1968 Some representations of unitary groups
Donald William Newhart, 1980 Information sets for quadratic-residue codes
James Andrew Davis, 1987 Difference sets in Abelian 2-groups
Julia Lynn Morrisett Clark, 1991 Relations between quadratic residue codes
written in their defining field and certain
other classical codes
James Thomas Wilmot, 1994 Topics in divisible codes
Deirdre Longacher Smeltzer, 1994 Topics in difference sets in 2-groups
Todd Douglas Vance, 1997 Missing weights in GRM codes
Kevin Lee Chouinard, 1998 Weight distributions of codes from finite planes
John Bowen Polhill, 1999 Constructing difference sets and partial
difference sets using Galois rings
Christopher Michael Boner, 1999 Categories of divisible codes
Leslie Dawn Hatfield, 2003 Words of small weight in the dual codes of
projective planes of orders 9 and 25

The following file contains summaries and comments on the dissertations.