Geography of a Massacre: Cherokee and Carolinian Visions of Land at Long Cane

Designing Incendiaries: The Haitian Revolution and white Americans' fears of arson in early American cities

The Barbadian Import and Export Trade, 1680-1700

Incurable Defects: Physical Disability in Philadelphia, 1730-1830

War Stories: Reinterpreting the American Revolution

Duped by the Clamour and Rage of Party: Conspiracy, Masculinity, and Partisanship in the Founding Era

Pets, Identity, and Image in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Setting Expectations: The Constitutional Convention, the State Ratification Conventions, and the Early Years of Washington's Presidency

The British Empire and the Origins of the American Revolution

Masters's Essay Proposals

Bringing the Church Back In, Or: Why We Need an Institutional History of New England

On Our Innocent: Writing Women into Tennessee Frontier Warfare

The Attachment of the People: The Massachusetts Charter, the French and Indian War, and the Coming of the American Revolution

Feeding Cities, Firing Sugar-Works: Creating and Securing the Caribbean's Maritime Hinterlands

Dissertation Prospectus: "A Merchant's Republic: Depression, Independence, and the Development of American Capitalism, 1760-1807

Trust in the Instincts of Empire Or Why Confederates Continued to Plan for an Imperial Future in 1864-65

First-Year Paper Prospectus Workshop

Founding Friendship: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and the American Experiment in Republican Government

The Long, Laborious, and Odious Task': The Struggle for Recognition Between the Habsburg Monarchy and the United States, 1776-1778

Gods of the Mountains: Settler Sovereignty and State Making after the American Revolution

The Ancient and Primitive Church

I Have Yet Much to Say About the Negroes: Catharine Flood McCall's Nail Factory and Slave Renting Enterprises in Early Republican Virginia

Pricing the Part: Commodifying and Displaying Scalps

Substance or Window-Dressing?: Classical Conceptions of Patriotic Citizenship in the Eulogies of George Washington and Andrew Jackson

Contested Futures: Anishinaabeg and American Societies in the Great Lakes, 1790-1840

Liberty Poles, Partisan Politics, and the Struggle for the American Revolution's Legacy in Pennsylvania

Battle Lines: A Graphic History of the Civil War

Albert Gallatin and the Whiskey Rebellion

Standing Against Corruption and Favoritism: Benjamin Rush and George Washington During the Revolutionary and Founding Eras

Statecraft and Secession: The Problem of American Nationhood in an Era of Global Crisis

Education in the Age of the Self-Made American

Cracker Country: The Squatter as Common Man

A Trickster Makes His World: The Creole Performances of Samuel Augustus Mathews

Women in the Arena: Virginia's First Female Bond Investors, 1790-1835

The Urban World of the Early Modern British Caribbean

The Character of a Wife: Gender, Power, and Prestige in Rachel Jackson's Early America, 1760s-1820s

Slave Hiring at Jefferson's Monticello

Proceed to Cartagena: A Re-Evaluation of Littleton's 'Grievances' in Regard to the Barbadian Slave Trade, 1680-1700

Francis Lieber and his Moral Vision of Just Warfare

African and Creole Sailors, Petty Trading and the South Atlantic Exchange

A Global Answer to the Plight of London's Children

Creating the 'Commercial Republic: Neutrality and Law in the American Courts, 1793-1815

Crawl to Market: Port Royal and the Transformation of the Turtling Trade

Never Did I See So Universal a Frenzy: Mania and Crisis in Philadelphia During the Panic of 1791

Castles of Fear

Jefferson Davis, the Democratic Party, and the First Bonaparte Emperor

The Articles of Confederation in Massachusetts

The History of New England: Producing Historical Knowledge for a New World

War and Constitution-Making in Revolutionary Massachusetts

Hungry Souls: Denmark Vesey's Christian Community

New York's Refugees and Sovereignty During the War for American Independence

The Bulwark Against Tyranny: the conservative Confederacy, January to the fall of 1864

Sovereignty and Empire: The Peace of Utrecht and the Process of Empire-Building in the British Atlantic

John C. Calhoun and the Origins of Jefferson Davis's Francophile American Nationalism

State Taxes, Wealth, and Public Debt after the American Revolution, 1783-1815

Peripheries and Power in Provincial North Carolina

The Liberty of the Blacks Will Be Defended: Reframing Gradual Emancipation

Struggling Over the Sage: The Jefferson Image in the Abolitionist Mind, 1826-1860

A Product of the Old Northwest: Boyhood in Ohio, 1822-1839

For Enterprise and Empire: The Atlantic Commerce of Salem, Massachusetts in the 1760s

The Convict Trade in Virginia

Building an Imperial Interest: Strategies of Shaping the British Atlantic in the 1720s and 1730s

The Missouri Crisis and the 'Changed Object' of the American Colonization Society

The Polaris of our political order: The Declaration of Independence in U.S. presidential rhetoric since 1945

Rumors, Reality, and Realpolitik: Spanish Officials and Sovereignty in the American Southwest

The Attachment of our Common People to their Native Country is Enfeebled or Destroyed: Emigration and Imperial Crisis in Scotland, 1770-1775

The 'Excellent Constitution' and the Confederation: Massachusetts, 1780-87

Assistance of the Court," from Murder in the Shenandoah: Commonwealth v. John Crane and Law in Federal Virginia