The Early Modern Workshop convenes on Fridays, 12-1:30pm EDT, on Zoom. Please visit our archive for information about past presentations.



8 October 2021 | Andrew Devereux | Associate Professor, History | UC San Diego

"Beyond Sight of the Pole Star: Euro-African Encounters and the Construction of Difference in Early Modern West Africa"


5 November 2021 | Andrea Pauw | Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish | Wesleyan University

"Eschatological Soundscapes: Morisco Poetry for the End of Time"

[*Note the unusual time: 11:30am-1pm EST]


4 February 2022 | Micaela Kowalski | PhD Candidate, History | UVA

"Conflating New Worlds: Visual Mix-Up and Mismatch in Early Modern German Prints of the Americas"


4 March 2022 | Max Edelson | Professor, History | UVA

"John Ogilby's Geographies: How a Restoration Impresario Imagined English America"


15 April 2022 | Noémie Ndiaye | Assistant Professor, English | University of Chicago

"Afro-Romani Connections in Early Modern Drama (and Beyond)"