The Early Modern Workshop convenes on Fridays, 12-1:30pm EDT, via Zoom.


September 25 | Ricardo Padrón

Associate Professor, Spanish, Italian, & Portuguese

"The Indies of the Setting Sun: How Early Modern Spain Mapped the Far East as the Transpacific West"


October 23 | Amanda Phillips

Assistant Professor, Art History

“Beyond Text: What Objects Can Tell Us”


November 13 | Nizar F. Hermes

Associate Professor, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures

“‘This Tunis, Sir, Was Carthage:’ Abū al-Fatḥ al-Tūnisī’s Nostalgia for the Besieged ‘Bride of the Maghrib’”


December 4 | Guest Lecture by Russ Leo (Princeton)

co-sponsored by the English Department and the Institute of the Humanities and Global Culture



Please also join us for the following special event, in collaboration with the Medieval Studies Program:

October 15 | 4-5pm on Zoom | Discussion of Nَükhet Varlik's Plague and Empire in the Early Modern Mediterranean World: The Ottoman Experience, 1347-1600 (Cambridge UP 2015). 

We're delighted to announce that Nükhet Varlik (Associate Professor, History, University of South Carolina and Rutgers University-Newark) will be joining us virtually as well.