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Kunyu wanguo quantu 坤輿萬國全

Great Universal Geographic Map

Matteo Ricci, Zhong Wentao, and Li Zhizao | Beijing, 1602

Library of Congress (





Please join us


Friday, February 26 | 12-1:30pm

for a presentation by


Elizabeth Fowler

Associate Professor of English


“Andrew Marvell and the Temporality of Art: Cloister, Gallery, Country House, Poem”


Our events are free and open to the public.

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Elizabeth Fowler will present an idea from her book manuscript, The Flesh of Art: Poetry and the Built Environment. When Andrew Marvell thinks about the Reformation repurposing of monasteries, he thinks about it together with poetry’s ability to repurpose “techniques of the body” (Marcel Mauss’s phrase) like sleeping, sex, and walking. Some simple thoughts about body techniques and the pre- and post-Reformation architecture of Lacock Abbey (Wiltshire, England), will arise as context, and Marvell’s poems “The Gallery” and “Upon Appleton House” will be described as supports for configuring the habitus of readers. Artifacts like poems and buildings usually change more slowly than body techniques or the meanings we generate with them—how can we account for this ephemerality in literary and art history and criticism? You can find more about Elizabeth Fowler’s work here.