The CJI internship program involves University of Virginia undergraduates and high school students in academic research and experiential learning opportunities at UVA. Please review the following guidelines for application and eligibility information:

High School Students:

  • Eligbility: 10th grade or higher
  • GPA requirements: 3.0 or higher
  • Additional guidelines:
    • Interest in any of the following areas: English, History, Language Arts, African American, Ethnic Studies
    • Involvement in extracurriculars and/or student organizing 
    • Community service and/or involvement in community activities 


Undergraduate Students:

  • Eligibility: open to rising 1st - 4th year students. Priority given to students majoring or minoring in African-American and African Studies
  • Additional guidelines:
    • Interest in alternative academic careers: library studies, museum studies, public history, and journalism
    • Interest in independent research / graduate study