I'm Charlie Gleek. I'm an Assistant Professor in the Catalyst Program at the University of Virginia. I am an experiential, interdisciplinary educator and I work primarily in teaching and program design and evaluation while also collaborating with my Catalyst colleagues as we pilot the program from 2022 - 2025. For academically inclined readers, you can read my curriculum vitae here.

I earned my Ph.D. in Comparative Cultures, Languages, and Literatures at Florida Atlantic University where my research focused on how bibliographic, biographic, and paratextual materiality mediates readers' experiences. I also hold an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Lynn University where my work attended to the value simulations and games in classroom settings.

My essays appear in The Chattahoochee Review, Penumbra, i.e.: Inquiry in Education, FAU-URJ, and on Humanities Commons. I've also made contributions to two books and published op-eds in IB World Magazine and Education Week. I'm currently working on a series of creative nonfiction essays, some of which are under review, and others which I attend when I'm not teaching.