We Are the Times

Few more links

March 29, 2023

Nothing special, but every one is interesting, and that makes them special.  Said in best Mr. Rogers voice.



“the line between a politically engaged critical history and a dogmatic reading...

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A few new links

March 25, 2023

Nothing special--just a few things.


To begin with, this seems to me entirely unexpected: a discussion by Virginia Heffernan, one of my favorite journalists and commentators, of the chip fabs in...

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Some links

March 22, 2023

As ever--this is basically just becoming a taxi stand, where links come in to me, and I ship them out to you again.  Well, maybe you find it useful.  All of my intense creative writing is going into...

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Mid-week links

March 08, 2023

As ever, just some stuff I've been reading and thinking about.  I'll share more of my own connected thoughts at some point; but for now, I have so many links, I think I should just keep inflicting...

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Mid-week links

March 01, 2023

A busy couple weeks ahead for me, but I'm here for you with the links.


With the recent announcement that the B-52s will stop touring, it’s cool to look at this piece from 2019 about the influences...

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Saturday links

February 25, 2023

Welcome to the weekend!  Well, you've probably been living it already, but I slept waaaay in today, which was good for me; not sure why I did, but I almost slept twelve hours. Amazing.  Otherwise I...

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Baby steps

February 23, 2023

Sorry for my long silence!  I've been busy, just not on here.  I'll see how I feel about doing more of this, but I've been hoarding links, so I'll give you some of them here.  


Maybe we’re not...

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