Some new links for you

September 12, 2021

A pictorial history (partial history) of the Corner at UVA.  Many memories here; I arrived in 1997, so one of the pics is from that year, strange to think about part of my life being “history,” but whoop, there it is.


Interesting exposition and critique of the “de-growth” movement 


BD McClay is really, really good in this piece on the difference between “fandom” and “criticism,” especially this:

“the issue isn’t negativity per se, which has its place in the fandom ecosystem. The issue is how to talk about things you love (or hate) impersonally. What is lost in fandom is ultimately detachment. Detachment can coexist with love, hatred, and indifference. But it’s never an especially attractive quality, and when people are encouraged to identify themselves with their interests and consumption habits, it’s also a very hard one to maintain.“


Useful for thinking about inflation, Paul Krugman was just mentioning again.  Joe Manchin seems worried, but he shouldn't be. 


“There is no shortage of words in Akkadian that express sorrow.”  A good small essay on the Epic of Gilgamesh and what it can teach us about grief.


Hope you have other emotions than grief today.  Though if you have only grief, that's ok too.  Try to be well, be safe.