Just some more links

May 02, 2022

More recent stuff, some of it.  All of it good though!  US FDA approved.


“It is ironic that books about innovation are so imitative. But that is how ideas become ideology.” Good review by my friend Johann Neem of three of the most recent books on higher education.  (Is there any other "industry" that provokes so many attacks and defenses? Policing?)


Flatlining population? Hard not to locate the cause of this in a collapse of hope and optimism, about the future and about the American project in general.


Interesting piece on the history of poverty: “Even after two centuries of the global fight against poverty we are still in the early stages. The history of global poverty reduction has only just begun.”



An informative post on music in Hell.  Personally, I think kazoos will be involved.


Pretty OK backgrounder piece on Talking Heads (not the Talking Heads, thank you).  I still think “Life During Wartime” is the visionary song of our era.


Cool story about the digitization of the Vatican’s Oriental Institute library, focusing on Eastern Christianities.


Interesting, if slightly defensive (and preemptively dismissive), analysis of negative book reviews.


Is the liberal world order experiencing a reboot with the successful Ukrainian resistance to Russia, and the West’s rallying around Ukraine?  Interesting article to ponder.


Ponder on.  And please don't get in any twitter spats.  They're totally not worth it, almost every time.