Just some links

May 12, 2021

I'm gonna try re-entering this blog thing gradually for a bit.  There was an incredibly ugly fracas on Twitter that I was witness to (not thank God a participant in) over Mother's Day weekend, and it made me genuinely concerned in a way I haven't been before about what is going on.  So I think places like blogs will be safer & healthier.  No biggie there.

I think that, if I just dribble out a few things daily, that may be the best model for me.  


Interesting: “virtue signaling and the status‐seeking motives behind it should be viewed as neutral, stable features of the social environment that function as vehicles for the diffusion of social norms.”



Good piece about the loss of so-called “third spaces”, in the pandemic. I too have felt this loss greatly.


Good discussion of what it means to talk about “systemic racism,” and why that description illuminates important features of the United States.


This is cool—the legume family tree!!


OK that's it.  Be safe everyone.