Sunday evening links

November 15, 2020

Interesting attempt to push back at the way the US Media has covered the French response to several terrorist acts by people who may be characterized (fairly?) as Islamist radicals.  


Nice.  Make writing not about reflexivity or self-consciousness, but about...

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Some links

November 14, 2020

I've been quiet lately, but I've been gathering data.


An interesting story about the changing ecology of the media sphere, and the way that traditional keepers are pushing back on the alternative news of the right wing ecosystem. I wonder if this is going to last. It seems a good step to me.


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Abuse and Argument, Mobilization and Persuasion

November 12, 2020

It's been a week, hasn't it?  Well, we can hope that the election is over, that Donald Trump is not permitted to run a coup by his GOP enablers, and that the United States will for now continue to exist as a constitutional republic.  (But if you needed more evidence that the GOP is deeply sick right now, the past week would provide it.)

But that's not what I'm looking at right now.  Right now I'm looking at...

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Post Election, sort of: What does politics look like now?

November 05, 2020

A ton of us have been having this conversation, this piece by Tom Nichols captures some of it in a really troubling way:

Nearly half of the voters have seen Trump in all of his splendor—his infantile tirades, his disastrous and lethal policies, his contempt for democracy in all its forms—and they decided that they...

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Pre-election links

November 02, 2020

Hey all, just some distracting links at the top, and a couple political links at the bottom.  No big brain ideas.  


It's an important night.  A lot is at stake tomorrow, and in coming days.  I pray that we are shown mercy.  These are scary times.  But, as ever, we are the times.  All we can do is respond as best we can.


For now, some links:


I think...

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