Mathematical topics

Unpublished ArXiv papers

Products of Beta distributed random variables arXiv:1304.6671

The Sums of a Double Hypergeometric Series and of the First m+1 Terms of 3F2(a,b,c;(a+b+1)/2,2c;1) when c = -m is a Negative Integer arXiv:1412.4022 (with G. Gasper)

The smallest singular values of the icosahedral group, arXiv:1809.02107

Connections between vector-valued and highest weight Jack and Macdonald polynomials arXiv:1907.04631 (with L. Colmenarejo and J-G. Luque, to appear in AIHPD



Video of my lecture at: Modern Analysis Related to Root Systems with Applications
CIRM, France, Oct. 18-22, 2021


I participated in the Programme on Macdonald Symmetric Functions, at the  Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge University, Spring 2001; and was a plenary lecturer at  the 6th International Symposium on Orthogonal Polynomials, Special Functions and Applications, in Rome, June 2001.