A Survey of Calculus II, MATH 1220 (Instructor)-University of Virginia

Year offered
  • Course Description: Math 1220 is a second calculus course intended for students interested primarily in business, biology, and the social sciences. Because this is the second course in calculus, you already know that calculus provides two fundamental tools for analyzing functions: the derivative and the definite integral. In this course, we will be using calculus to analyze trigonometric functions, probability density functions, functions depending on two variables, and functions defined by power series. You will also be introduced to mathematical modeling with differential equations, and learn techniques for finding exact and approximate solutions to such equations.
  • SIS Description: A second calculus course for business/biology/and social-science students. Topics include differential equations/infinite series/analysis of functions of several variables/analysis of probability density functions of continuous random variables. The course begins with a review of basic single-variable calculus. Prerequisite: MATH 1210 or equivalent; at most one of MATH 1220 and MATH 1320 may be taken for credit.
  • References: Applied Calculus for the Managerial, Life and Social Sciences, 9th edition, by Soo T. Tan