Past Members

Former Graduate Students

Jason Borgus PhD in Chemistry, 2021 Lecturer, University of Virginia (Wise campus)
Pumidech (Max) Puthongkham PhD in Chemistry, 2020 Lecturer, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Ying Wang PhD in Chemistry, 2018 Postdoc with Dr. Andy Ewing, University of Gothenberg, Sweden
Scott Lee PhD in Chemistry, 2018 Forensic Chemist at South Dakota Public Health Lab
Poojan Pyakurel PhD in Chemistry, 2017 Sanaria
Cheng Yang PhD in Chemistry, 2016 Senior Engineer at Shire
Ryan Borman MS in Chemistry, 2016  
Eve Privman Champaloux PhD in Neuroscience, 2016 Completed MD portion of MD/PhD at UVa Med School;
Residency at University of Washington
Madelaine Denno PhD in Chemistry, 2016 Bioinformatics, Inc.
Michael Nguyen PhD in Chemistry, 2015 Lancaster Labs
Ning Xiao PhD in Chemistry, 2014  
Hillary Rees MS in Chemistry, 2014  
Alex Zestos PhD in Chemistry, 2014 Postdoc with Dr. Bob Kennedy, U of Michigan;
Assistant Professor at American University
Ashley Ross PhD in Chemistry, 2014 Postdoc with Dr. Rebecca Pompano, UVa;
Assistant Professor at University of Cincinnati
Chris Jacobs PhD in Chemistry, 2012 Postdoc at Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, Oak Ridge National Lab
Trisha Vickrey PhD in Chemistry, 2012 Masters of Education Program (Education Policy) at Harvard University;
Lecturer at Evergreen State College;
Postdoc at University of Nebraska in chemical education
Phuong Vo MS in Chemistry, 2012 Research Technician in Dept. of Pathology at University of Virginia
Megan Huffman Pajski PhD in Chemistry, 2011 Assistant Professor at Mt. Olive College in NC
Chris Green MS in Chemistry, 2010 Pharmacy Student, University of Washington
M. Jennifer Peairs MA, 2010 Grad student at the Curry School of Education
Xenia Borue PhD in Neuroscience, 2009 Completed MD portion of MD/PhD Program at UVa Med School;
Residency at Pitt


Former Postdoctoral Researchers, Visiting Scholars, and Lab Technicians

Mimi Shin 2016-2022 Senior Scientist at PPD Laboratories in Richmond, VA
Dana DiScenza 2019-2022 Health Science Policy Analyst at NIH/NINDS
Eduard Dumitrescu 2019-2021 Research & Development Scientist at InnaMed, Philadelphia, PA
Jeff Copeland 2017-2018 (Visiting Scholar) Eastern Mennonite University
Swapna Chitneni 2012-2013  
Huaifang Fang 2008-2011 South-Central University for Nationalities, Wuhan, China
Yida Xu 2008-2009 GE Global Research, Shanghai, China
Sylvia Cechova 2007-2009 Researcher in Nephrology Dept, UVa
B. E. Kumara Swamy 2006-2007  


Former Undergraduate Researcher

Courtney Vetter Class of 2021 Postbaccalaureate Researcher at NIH
Julia Lucktong Class of 2021 Med school at UVA
Samuel Wachamo Class of 2019 Postbaccalaureate Researcher at NIH
Nivedha Kannapadi Class of 2018  
Yasmine Zubi Class of 2018 PhD Program in Chemistry, Indiana University
Yash Maniar Class of 2017 Med school
Danielle Wolin Class of 2016  
Elefterios Trikantzopoulos Class of 2014 Med shcool
Max Wheeler Class of 2014 Grad school at Georgia Tech
Kate Roche Class of 2014 MD/PhD at Harvard
Sam Hinman Class of 2012 Grad school in Toxicology at UC Riverside
David Boudouris Class of 2012  
Asim Shabbir Class of 2010 Postbac program at Georgetown University; Med School at VA Tech
Jay Park Class of 2009 Research technician at UVa Pathology dept
Angela Elsobky Class of 2009 Med school at Rosalind Franklin
Neil Hershey Class of 2008 Grad student in Chemistry, U Michigan
Stephanie Cooper Class of 2008 Med student UVa
Andrew Strand Class of 2007 Med student at Eastern Virginia Med School
Melissa Rich Class of 2007 Med student at VCU
Vivek Ayer Class of 2007