CHIN 4830 Introduction to Classical Chinese Prose

Year offered

This is an introduction to classical Chinese.  Our focus in this term will be to introduce basic patterns, particles, and vocabulary so that you are able to read short and intermediate-length passages in classical Chinese.  Class will be conducted in English, though there will be occasional discussion of the relationship between classical and modern Chinese in order to better understand the functions of certain particles. 


In this term, we will cover (at least) Lessons 1 to 19, though the pace of the course will always depend upon the class.  We may read through the textbook more quickly or more slowly, so some flexibility is required for both the instructor (me) and the student (you). 


Each lesson is usually comprised of three parts: the text, glosses for words from the text, and a commentary.  I will concentrate on the lesson text in class, and I will expect that you read over the glosses and commentary on your own.  If you have questions about either the glosses or the commentary, please feel free to ask at the start of class.