Twisting Manin's universal quantum groups and comodule algebras

Huang H, Nguyen VC, Ure C, Vashaw KB, Veerapen P, Wang X. Twisting Manin's universal quantum groups and comodule algebras. Submitted.


 Let $H$ be a Hopf algebra and $\sigma$ be a 2-cocycle on $H$. Using the tensor equivalence between the comodule categories of $H$ and of its 2-cocycle twist $H^\sigma$, we study twists of superpotentials, comodule algebras, and their associated universal quantum groups in the sense of Manin. In particular, we show the invariance of Artin--Schelter regularity of comodule algebras that are connected graded under a 2-cocycle twist of an infinite dimensional Hopf algebra. As a consequence, we show that Koszul AS-regular algebras of the same dimension and same Hilbert series are always 2-cocycle twists of each other, when viewed as comodule algebras over Manin's universal quantum groups.

Last updated on 09/26/2022