My name is Charlotte Ure and I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer at the University of Virginia.

I earned my PhD in Mathematics at Michigan State University in 2019. My thesis advisor was Dr. Rajesh Kulkarni.

My research interests lie at the intersection of noncommutative algebra and algebraic geometry. In particular, I am interested in the study of

  • the Brauer group,
  • Clifford algebras,
  • unramified cohomology groups, and
  • rationality questions.

I am a co-organizer for the Contributed Talk Series New Developments in Number Theory by POINT (People Online in Number Theory)

Recorded talks: 

  • A video of my talk at the online BIRS workshop "Arithmetic aspects of algebraic groups in September 2020 on "The Generic Clifford Algebra and its Brauer Class" is available here.
  • A video of my talk for the Junior Mathematicians Research Archive in September 2020 on "Prime Torsion in the Brauer Group of an Elliptic Curve" is available here
  • A video of my talk at the Simons Conference on Rationality in July 2020 on "The Brauer Group of Elliptic Curves" is available here.

As part of the 2021 REU at the Univeristy of Virginia in Number theory, I mentored a project resulting in the following preprint (submitted for publication): Symbol Length in Brauer Groups of Elliptic Curves, joint with Mateo Attanasio, Caroline Choi and Andrei Mandelshtam. arXiv:2107.10886

I am not teaching in Fall 2021.